FKT: Steven Worth - Des Plaines River Trail (IL) - 2020-11-11

Route variation
Lake County section
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 24m 38s

So today is Veterans Day and I have been doing a fundraiser for the last month to take 500,000 plus steps and raise a penny a step. I got the idea last week to make the finale today a long run on a trail I have done sections of many times. A friend volunteered to bike along and carry some extra water bottles. My sister also came out near her home and provided homemade cookies! So it was happily a supported attempt. 
the trail is 31.40 and ends at the apex of a foot bridge over the center of the road dividing the counties. I ran past to the far side of the bridge and gps recorded 31.43 at 4:24:47 seconds however if you find the elevation apex on training peaks you find the Center of the bridge at 4:24:38. Pictures attached to show this. 
Let’s give thanks to our Veterans and their families. Happy to support Lake County Honor Flight.

Official trail map: