Route: Des Plaines River Trail (IL)

Illinois, US
56.2 mi

The Des Plaines River Trail is just over 56 miles of rail-trail going through Lake and Cook Counties running alongside the Des Plaines River. This is one of the longer trails within the Greater Chicago Area with the south end in the near west suburbs and the north end being just shy of the Wisconsin border.

Lake County Section:  Point to point route across Lake County, IL starting at Van Patten Woods and finishing after crossing the bridge over Lake Cook Rd (where the Cook County section begins). The crushed gravel trail follows the Des Plaines River. The trail is well maintained and usually has bridges to avoid traffic crossings.  It is officially open from 6:30am to sunset everyday.
31.23 miles; 416' up, 468' down N-S
The DPRT continues south into Cook County adding 25 miles for 56.2 total. It has rougher sections and numerous road crossings, so this Route is for the Lake County Section only.
- Submitted by Alex Gold

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