FKT: Suzanne "Sunny" Stroeer, Ashly Winchester, Jason Hardrath - Bull Valley - Willis Creek Loop (UT) - 2020-11-27

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 9m 0s
GPS track(s)

We (Ashly, Jason & Sunny) went to establish a benchmark time on this classic loop the day after Thanksgiving 2020.  Sunny, who resides in the area as guide for, and co-owner of, Dreamland Safari Tours had scouted the loop twice previously -- once in 2013, when it was wet and messy, and once just a few days prior to the FKT which established that Bull Valley Gorge's obstacles were passable and the conditions in BVG, Sheep Creek and Willis close to ideal minus a few patches of ice in Willis.  

We went light, only carrying ~1.5l of water per person (but some emergency iodine for a potential refill in Willis Creek), and had a grand time out there.  Left sometime after 2pm and made it back to the truck/starting point with plenty of daylight to spare, despite the short days. 

This is a great, uncomplicated run that requires good weather -- don't go in if there's any rain in the area! -- and a few not-too-bad scrambles in Bull Valley Gorge to get down some obstacles.  Travel in the counter-clockwise direction is advised to ensure you don't run into an insurmountable obstacle late in the game.  There are a few sizable drops in Bull Valley Gorge which could easily become impassable if a flash flood or two takes out or adds debris in the wrong spots. Sheep creek is flat and sloggy. Willis Creek has narrows but no meaningful obstacles; the key difficulties have easy, obvious bypasses.