FKT: Sydney Boutros - Lower Foothills Traverse - 2023-10-15

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5h 8m 41s

What an amazing autumn day in the foothills! I've been wanting to get out and do this route since we moved here a year ago -- I tried twice during the winter months, but called it both times because of muddy trails. It feels so good to finally complete this!

Started out at the Tram Trail ~7:30 AM with my husband, dog, and a friend to catch sunrise at the top of Table Rock. They ran me through Eagle Eye Reserve, then sent me off. I topped off my waters (1L capacity, drank 1.5 L in this first part) at the Military Reserve, and thank goodness I did because I was OUT by the time I got to my water drop at Lower Hulls parking lot (just under halfway). I picked up ~2 L here, and I needed every bit of it (I did have my filter, but I don't really trust all those cows...). 

Found my flow state at around mile 20 just after dunking my hat in Dry Creek. That gave the refreshing boost I needed to power down Sweet Connie/Peggy's. My husband ran out to meet me at the north side Polecat parking lot & run the last ~2-3 miles in with me. Finished feeling awesome & ready for some french fries. :) 

Total liquid: ~3.5L

Total calories: ~1,000