FKT: Tara Fraga - Mt Adams (WA) - 2022-07-09

Route variation
South Climb round trip
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 51m 50s

Great day up there! Snow started about a mile in. Good snow conditions all the way to the top. I got SO COLD right before and on the false summit from high winds - tried to last with just my Houdini jacket and a pair of super light liner gloves, but couldn't do it and had to stop to put on Houdini pants. Not ideal as I had to take off my shoes to get them on, but it was so windy my shoes almost blew away haha. Killed ~15 minutes managing that, wish I had brought a better layer option. Summited in 2:37, which I believe is currently the women's ascent record. Took about 3 minutes at the top. Descending was pretty smooth sailing, though it was a BUSY day up there and there was a descent amount of people dodging. Got off track when I kept bombing down the ridge at the end of the Crescent Glacier instead of heading left off the ridge (oops). Bit of a face palm mistake, had to back track a bit and lost some more time there. All good after that, stoked to finish under 4 hours. I really believe the women's time for this can go much faster! Would not be surprised if the next person drops it another 30+ minutes.