FKT: Thomas deHaan - Long Path (NY) - 2020-05-17

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Catskills section
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1d 5h 48m 37s

To me, this is the premier long-distance trail route within the boundaries of the Catskill State Park. I believe this is the heart and soul of what Catskill trail running has to offer. It was not a fast time and I look forward to seeing what younger athletes can do. My watch ran down to about 5% when I was at 80 miles. I plugged it in but thought it had stopped tracking my time, When I checked Movescount about a week latter, I saw that my distance and time was accurately reflected. I think it may not have tracked the elevation gain from the 80 mile mark which I anticipated to be about another 2,500 feet.

Only three roads intersect this nearly 90-mile section of trail. They are at about 23 miles, 34 miles and 60 miles. For a self-supported attempt, these are the logical locations to cache food and supplies which is what I had done.  As it turned out, I clearly forgot where I placed my third cache of food. A complete blunder that I'm confident cost me about two hours. Still an absolutely memorable experience and one of my best days out in these mountains. l look forward to others checking out this experience.