FKT: Thomas Graham - Pinnacle Mountain (AR) - 2023-06-10

Route variation
W Summit, ascent
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10m 17s
GPS track(s)

a very short effort - I would say I took the most 'logical route' - stay right where you can veer left or right at about 80% of the way through, then instead of the slab, continue the last 100-200m on the yellow marked trail. It is definitely faster to go on the slab, but this first effort I did not because I wanted to use the trail. Next time I will use the slab, will likely take off a minute. The Strava segment is also incorrect, it had me at around 9:40 on another effort that I did not actually touch the summit, this record should go from the bridge to the marker/pole at the very peak of Pinnacle, would love someone to give me a run for my money on this one. One note on the strava - I split my strava activity using the website to make it cleaner because I did this in the middle of a 3hr long run.