FKT: Thomas Hill, Bruce Miller - Mornington Peninsula Walk (Victoria, Australia) - 2019-06-10

Route Variation
Standard route
Finish Date
Time (duration)
12h 45m 15s

The best thing about ultra running is the people you meet, the “organic” ideas that evolve during hours on a long run and the adventure of seeing how silly some of these ideas are. Last year I was silly enough to join Bruce over Queens Birthday weekend in realising one of Bruce’s silly ideas; run the Mornington Peninsula walk. 
Some say that doing the same silly things and expecting a different outcome is a form of insanity. So.. another Queens Birthday weekend, a rendezvous at the golden “Fatass” arches (aka Maccas) and another fatass trundle around the Peninsula. 
The tides were a fair bit higher this year making the 30km of beach between Gunamatta and Sorrento more of a walk than run but we had a little more in the legs this year to improve our time by 40 mins.
A highlight of the afternoon; trying to determine the best course of beach side first aid to implement in dealing with a testy blister. With no pins on hand to lance the blister, a choice of car keys or hopping was looking like our only options. Thankfully a quick thinking Mr Miller raised the prospect of using the sharp clasp on a multi purpose first aid device (aka snake bandage) and rescued my toe from a messy end with the car keys.
The 2018 edition was a year of working out the route and getting it done on over cooked legs. 2019 was a day of contemplation. Is it the person who comes up with the same silly idea again, insane? Or is it the fool who follows? Again.


Note:  Public taps were used to get water.