FKT: Thomas Summer - Sea to Vesuvius (Italy) - 2018-11-19

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2h 31m 0s
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Last Monday I ran to the top of Vesuvius. It was a special day! My mothers 60th birthday. And my brother died in the mountains (when we were climbing together) a month ago. So I ran with my brother to celebrate my mother. I ran fast, but not all out, as I wanted to feel the mountain more.

At first you have to run through the streets of the city. Then on a smal road up to the entry of the National Park, in the area at the top. You have to buy a ticket for 10 Euro to enter. No one is allowed to go to the summit (only to some points at the crater), but of course the guards were to slow for me ;-)

I think it can be done quite a bit faster. But this time (and of course most of the other times too) it was more about the experience, than the time.

1h29m31s to the top.