FKT: Tim Bernaerts - Tour de Chaudfontaine (Belgium) - 2021-02-14

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
4h 29m 7s
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As I knew from Lander and Andy's report, this route indeed contained a considerable portion of concrete roads. Normally I don't really like that but given the cold conditions the asphalt was a welcome break from the hard frozen ground and the sometimes extremely slippery tracks. Apart from those slippery tracks that were actually coverded by thick ice and forced me to a prudent walking pace, the route conditions were pretty fast. In the end though, the rock-solid bottom proved to be very gnarly on the ankels and the feet. In the last 6k my pace dropped significantly. 

The route itself was sometimes quite beautyfull, with winding singletracks and nice vistas over the valleys of the Ourthe and Vesder, two important rivers. Oftentimes it could be pretty ugly too. With long road sections that hugged a big motorway and the suburbs of a large city. 

Since this was a rather short route I did it fully unsupported. I took one camelbag which I supplemented with some filtered water from a small stream, 5 gels and 2 Snickers.