Route: Tour de Chaudfontaine (Belgium)

Submitted by bigborncrazy on Mon, 12/21/2020 - 04:52am
48 km
Vertical Gain
1,100 m

> The Tour de Chaudfontaine opened in 1981, the name was originally "Le Tour Pédestre du Nouveau Chaudfontaine". Of course, the name 'Nouveau Chaudfontaine' had to do with the recent major municipal mergers of 1976. The villages of Ninane, Chaudfontaine, Embourg, Vaux-sous-Chèvremont, Beaufays and Mehagne were merged to form the new municipality of Chaudfontaine. The 50 km long hike was designed to pass through all the sub-villages.
> Over the years, the route has been modified in a number of respects, but without any radical redrawing. Via the former "Chaudfontaine en Marche" walking club, the Tour de Chaudfontaine was also included in the FFBMP's (Fédération francophone Belge de marches Populaires) list of recognized long distance tours until around 2012. After 40 years, the Tour de Chaudfontaine is still part of the current hiking offer of the "Maison du Tourisme des Thermes & Coteaux" (Maison du Tourisme des Thermes & Coteaux), although it has not been actively promoted for years.

Because the future of this path is doubtfull, it can use all the attention and a FKT here would surely bring people here and the attention to this beautifull path and region.

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