FKT: Tim Holsgrove - Quantock Greenway (United Kingdom) - 2022-08-29

Route variation
Standard figure-8
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 20m 10s
GPS track(s)

Followed standard figure-of-eight route. All good for the first 45 km, though quite a lot of road in places. Last 20 km was hard due to 1) Navigational issues as paths on the ground often didn't match gpx route or OS maps, and many were directly across crops and other fields without clear paths, so as Ashley Mansfield mentioned in his report following his self-supported attempt, it was often a case of doing three sides of a field before I could find the next gate, which added time and was a bit frustrating. 2) Ran out of water with 10 km to go. 3) My legs were fairly battered by then.

In retrospect, given the warm day it might have been wiser to do it self-supported by leaving drinks caches as Ashley Mansfield did when setting the self-supported FKT. But, overall happy to have got through it.