FKT: Tim Mills - Katherine's Walk - 2022-07-24

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I've started the Greensand Country Routes from the website so I thought i'd log them on here to get people out on the Bedfordshire Trails. This was a bimble to lay the route and I'd like to try and go out and run it a bit faster in the colder months.

I started at the start point on the Map supplied by the Greensand County Website, it was a newly built residential area in Flitwick, the route is called Katherine Walk that goes past the Cross dedicated to Katherine of Aragon, so it seems weird that the start point on the map is just an Estate Road. I think for interests of FKT, people should go and start from Ampthill park where there's ample parking and a coffee shop nearby, plus the Cross Monument makes a nice start/end focal point.

I started up along side the railway and crossed into the Industrial site over a bridge, the route now goes up through Ampthill residential area, when you hit the Firs near the Rugby club the trail turns Sandy ( I used to run school X Country here) The route enters Ampthill Park and then Leaves via the Greensand Ridge walk, after this is all trails through Centre Parcs and then down to Steppingley, after this you skirt some fields by Flitwick and then head down Windmill road and then a right back into the New housing estate in Flitwick, all in all the route is good mix of Trails, Tracks and some quiet roads.

like to see the FKT coming down in the next few months. 

P.S I ran with my Dog there was water stops in Ampthill Park (Tap) and a nice river stop for him at the Bottom of Centre Parcs. P.S when you leave the field at Flitwick there's glass on the trails, stick to skirting the field to avoid cut paws.

Enjoy everyone