FKT: Timothy Lock - Mt Katahdin (ME) - 2021-06-11

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Katahdin Cirque
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3h 23m 7s

Pretty great day in northern Maine! sunny skies, cool, wind died down basically as soon as i down climbed Pamola Peak into the Chimney and the rest was a nice steady boulder hop and a bit of scrambling, and then the run-out on Chimney Pond Trail. Hadn't been on that route since i was 21 and only ever as a hike. Hard to really do much more than hike and hop on boulders on this route; classic Maine rough "trail", which basically means a bunch of boulders no matter whether you are below, above, or at treelike, but this route is such a super clean line - follows around the entire rim of the glacial cirque, with views down 2000 feet below the entire time. The closest the east gets to something you might find in the Rockies, having explored both. Highly recommended for alpine mountain running lovers - this is a true alpine route, with a pretty nice ridge run in there to boot! While the Knife Edge is not what you might expect from something in the west, if you stay directly on the ridge crest, and squint your eyes, you could be fooled into thinking it was. It could be extended north to include the Howe Peaks (also above treeline) but the run out at that point would be considerably longer. 

Really fun time out there this morning!