FKT: Todd Buckingham - Sleepy Hollow Trail (MI) - 2020-08-13

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
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Finish date
Total time
1h 7m 20s
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It was a cool morning which made it a good day for running fast! The grass was damp in some spots but not so bad that it caused me to lose traction. Except once around mile 3.4 when I was running downhill and turning and I totally biffed it haha. It wasn't too bad of a fall, though. Kind of like a slide into second base which I'm pretty used to! This is the first time I've ever run the loop at Sleepy Hollow so I had my phone out almost the entire run to make sure I was going the right direction. Even then, I had to take a second at some of the crossings to verify I was running the correct path. There were so many little off-shoots that don't show up on the map and it was a little frustrating but I guess that's trail running for you...I probably sound like such a whiney road runner haha! I promise I'll get better :)

Oh, and I tried this initially but took a wrong turn at mile 1 and didn't realize it until about 1.6 miles in so I ended up running back to the beginning and starting again. *facepalm*. Study the course and/or do a recon loop before going for the FKT on your first try!