FKT: Todd Falker - Turtlehead Peak (Red Rock Canyon NCA, NV) - 2014-07-17

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 1m 9s

I have done this route several times and start/end at the Visitor's center Trailhead. It's to the left of the building, by the picnic tables, with a big sign and various distances listed for Moenkopi/Calico Hills, etc. When I figure out how to upload photos to this site I'll add a few. From the VC you curve around to the right, run the Calico's, and then Sandstone Quarry parking lot to Turtlehead Peak, which is 2.2mi or so from there. 
My times:
From visitor's center: 2:03:49. 11.0mi with 3k of gain. 
From sandstone quarry: 1:01:09. 4.2mi with 2k of gain.
Can't wait for my next visit to focus on just the climb. I'll try to post beforehand and see if anyone wants to join.

[note that Todd's Garmin link isn't public & we are unable to view the data]