FKT: Tom Egan - Lake Apopka Circumnavigation (FL) - 2022-12-10

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
5h 43m 53s
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First off, I want to thank the previous record holders for the inspiration as well as insight to tackle this route. I had previously rode my gravel bike a few weeks earlier as recon and decided to start my attempt at Magnolia Park. My thought was to start at 4 am there and get all the road running out of the way early and finish with the 18 miles on the trail. This is the park that has been mentioned closed in the previous attempts. The park is now open and nice but gated till 6am. However, my plan was to park at the boat ramp. So on Dec 10th I arrived at 4am to find it was duck season and the place was jam packed. So I went to plan B and drove approx. 3 miles south to the Dunkin’ Doughnut parking lot and started my attempt there at 4:25am. I should mention that I was alone for this run. i traveled from Sarasota alone and completed this run alone. Water was obtained from 3 water fountains along the way using two large handheld bottles.The first 9 miles we’re uneventful to Killarney Station. A quick refill of my 2 hand held bottles and a stretch and I was off again. I took a more casual approach to the day since I was using this as a training day for an up coming race in January. The next 11 miles were rolling and honestly the best part of the run for me as I get a little bored running the flats. I walked in Montverde for a few minutes and took in a gel, stretched a bit but felt great. A few barking dogs and dodging a few cars but nothing crazy. I arrived at the Green Mountain trail head with first light. I refilled water bottles, stretched and a bathroom break, then I was off. It is approx. 6 miles of gravel running to the tall grass section where the road is not used much. This grass area is approx 2 miles long and was recently mowed to 12” tall but once past that I was back on the gravel. Unfortunately, as my luck would have it, I was now running directly to the area where the hunters were enjoying their day but I was a little concerned for sure with all the Shot gun blasts. Around this time, I realized I was going to be about 10oz short on water and slowed and walked a few times to make sure I didnt bonk. Finally off the trail and gun range and hit Magnolia park where I refilled and felt much better to make the last 3 miles on side of the road and sidewalk running back to the Dunkin Doughnuts. Temps were good and overcast most of the way. This was really fun and challenging. I am confident that this loop can be done quicker and look forward to see who steps up to the challenge. Thank you FKT for this website. This was great motivation to get the long run done. Sorry for the lack of photos as I am not much of a picture guy especially when on a long run.