Route: Lake Apopka Circumnavigation (FL)

Submitted by RawVim on Thu, 09/24/2020 - 03:45pm
Florida, US
39 mi

Circumnavigation of Lake Apopka on roads and trails.


Took the e-bike clockwise around this route this past weekend, to see if it's a viable running route. There are a couple of very sketchy sections for running, particularly on the south side, when you leave the greenway after Killarney Station. Some two-lane, high-traffic roads with no shoulder to run on. Would definitely want to select a low-traffic time of day/week to be on those sections. And consider parking and starting at Killarney Station (instead of Green Mountain Trailhead), so as to be able to run (going clockwise) those sketchy sections first. Otherwise a pleasant and very diverse route for the other two-thirds of it.

From Green Mountain Trailhead, it starts off with sidewalk that gives way quickly to hard-pack, rutted rock that can be very slick under the canopy of vegetation. Then out of the canopy onto rutted gravel with a combination of rutted/smooth gravel to the first u-turn on the north side. This adds a grassy section (the grass could be long, depending on mowing schedule?) with a little mud (depending on season?). Then back to mostly smooth gravel all the way to the east side. That entire section is exposed, with little to no cover. Upon reaching the end of the Lake Apopka Trail, you pickup streets, sidewalks, and greenway that take you through a couple of very quaint towns. The greenway sections have a good bit of cover. Then off the greenway and onto the sketchy streets for the remainder.