FKT: Tom Goth - Mt Shasta (CA) - 2019-07-06

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Mount Shasta has played a pivotal role in mountain sport for me. In 2005, I rented AT gear for the first time to ski the West Face with my sister @nikkigothitoi and @itoipaul. Even with crappy Fritschi bindings and heavy metal plated skis I saw the potential for ski touring. I still remember that first run in June pow magically turning to corn as we descended. I’ve been hooked ever since. I returned to Shasta several times in the late 2000s to ski, but on none of my trips did I summit. 

Even though I feel some familiarity with the mountain I have never been up the main Avalanche Gulch route. So when I decided to time trial the main route from Horse Camp (according to tradition) it was still relatively unknown to me. I’ve kept an eye on the ascent FKT over the last few years, but timing and fitness never enticed me to give it a go. Feeling in decent form I decided to commit to the trek from SLC this weekend.

Yesterday morning (7/6/19) after a relaxed hike with @dmaack20 to Horse Camp I set out with track spikes, poles and an ice axe. The first two thousand feet were not ideal conditions, as the refreeze was only superficial and I broke through occasionally. But after that the travel improved and I found a good rhythm through Red Banks. I took a bad line on Misery Hill which took me over a bunch of rock and was tedious in 1” track spikes. Being ever aware of the clock I knew it was too close for comfort. I surged as best I could at that altitude and arrived at the summit in 1:35:26 just sliding under the previous record by a little less than two minutes. 

The enjoyable part about going for an ascent time is taking in the summit afterwards! It felt fitting with my history on this mountain. 
Thanks @dmaack20 for being copilot on this trip from Utah and selflessly supporting my endeavors.


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Dope! Love it man! One of the other guides at Shasta Mountain Guides told me about you snagging the record as I was bringing a group up.

stoked for you!!!