FKT: Tom McGowan - Pine Creek Rail Trail (PA) - 2021-05-01

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12h 20m 29s
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I ran from the beginning of the Pine Creek Rail trail to the last milepost in Jersey Shore, PA (labeled as Milepost 63 - the route is technically less than 63 miles).  The trail is in perfect shape.  It is a crushed lime stone trail and very flat as it used to be a railroad track.  I ran it alone but my wife provided support.  She met me at the first major road crossing at Blackwell and every 5-10 miles thereafter.  The early part of the trail goes through the Grand Canyon of  PA and is very remote but beautiful.  I did see a small bear but it was more afraid of me than I was of it.  The weather for my run was pretty much perfect, cool with a light tail wind.  My time was not very fast as I wanted to enjoy the run and finish my first ultra.  I would highly recommend the trail to anyone interested in trying it.  There are two gas stations and a small sandwich shop along the way but you should check to make sure they are open and stocked with water before you rely on them.  There also are some springs along the trail but very infrequent.