FKT: Tom Meldrum - Test Way (United Kingdom) - 2020-11-14

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 40m 37s

Attempt at the solo unsupported Fastest Known Time for the Test Way, starting at Inkpen Beacon and finishing at Eling Wharf.
Weather was brutal: torrential rain and a 45mph southerly wind in my face the whole route.

I wore a Salomon Sense Ultra 8 with two Salomon Speed Flasks. The vest had plenty of capacity to hold my gels. I carried 8 Gu Espresso gels and 8 Gu Roctanes of various flavours. I also had two bags of Jelly Babies (!). 

I was well hydrated on starting and didn’t need to refill my flasks until I reached Chilbolton Cow Common at about mile 20. Here I refilled, drained both, refilled again and carried on running. I didn’t need to refill again (but there are lots of opportunities on this route due to its proximity to crystal clear chalk streams). 

I had about one gel per 45 mins from the second hour onwards and didn’t need any other calories (apart from the Jelly Babies!).

At half way I was on track for around 8hr 20, but then I hit approx. 15 mi of floods and the run turned into a "Fastest Known Swim" attempt. Still - reasonably pleased with this effort, and I know I can run it about an hour quicker in the summer with firmer trails.