Route: Test Way (United Kingdom)

Submitted by Tom Meldrum on Mon, 08/24/2020 - 07:41am
United Kingdom
79 km
Vertical Gain
1,026 m

 The Test Way is a 49 miles (79 km) long-distance footpath in England from Walbury Hill in West Berkshire to Eling in Hampshire. The northern end of the footpath starts in the car park on Walbury Hill. It passes through the towns of Romsey and Totton and the villages of Linkenholt, Ibthorpe, Hurstbourne Tarrant, St Mary Bourne, Longparish, Forton, Wherwell, Chilbolton, Stockbridge, Horsebridge and Mottisfont. The southern end of the footpath is at Eling Quay. The trail also passes alongside Horsebridge railway station. Much of the route between Kimbridge and Chilbolton follows the route of the former Andover and Redbridge Railway. The entire route is waymarked by metal and plastic disks found attached to wooden and metal posts, trees and street furniture. There are several wooden 'finger' signs along the route that countdown the number of miles along the footpath in both directions.

GPS Track
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Hi folks.  All being well I will be making a solo unsupported attempt at the FKT on Sat 14 Nov.  Hoping to get under Jamie's self-supported time. 

Congrats Tom! Just seen your entry, fantastic time mate especially considering the weather this weekend!

Just realised the official finish is at Ealing Wharf too I thought it was at the exit of the nature reserve part. 

I ran a few extra miles at the start of my attempt but even so I’d have never got near your time, and I’m sure you’d go quicker on a dry day so hopefully you do it again some time! 

Glad I got in there quick and at least set the time to beat, great run dude! 

Thanks Jamie.  I saw that you stopped a little short, but figured you ran plenty of extra at the start!!  There really isn't much more beyond the edge of the nature reserve (and the TW signs run out at the point anyway!). 

The gpx file I was using also had it as finishing at the nature reserve as well but I just continued to Totton station as I had to get the train back to Southampton station to get my car. 

Even if I took of those 3 miles at the start off my time it still would've been around 10:30 anyway, and I had much better conditions then you so i'm sure you'd get closer to 9hrs in good conditions right?

Anyway, well done again mate! great effort. Any plans for any more? :)

Hi there!

Should be making a solo unsupported attempt on Wednesday!

Will be a good day out and I'll have earned an extra slice of turkey!

Hopefully you get the chance to have a go at it soon mate! 

I also have a few I want to do but waiting until things are a bit safer/easier first 

Good luck when you do! 

I’m planning a solo unsupported attempt tomorrow, Sunday 27/6/21.

Hi. Please could someone help me. Just checking is the route north to south? 

According to the LDWA website the route starts at the southern end and finsihes at the northern end but for the purpose of an FKT I believe you can a point to point trail in either direction. I ran it north to south and it appears so did the following FKT entires as well. I live not too far from the southern end of the trail so I ran that way as to finish closer to home and also there will be slightly more elevation gain if you run north :)

I didn't end up doing the PAT, but I did do the Test Way yesterday, hot but had a lot of fun!

Editor's note: On 26 September 2021, Ciaran Considine set the unsupported FKT. However, this run is flagged as Ciaran took Station Road rather than the official trail just south of the M27. Please try to keep to the official route, folks. Thanks!