FKT: Tom Rainey - Cape Wrath Trail (United Kingdom) - 2024-05-13

Route variation
Glenfinnan Variant (West) - Deprecated as of June 1, 2024
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
3d 13h 39m 15s

In May 2022, while steaming round the Cape Wrath peninsula, I saw the lighthouse and surrounding cliffs an instantly fell in love with the Cape Wrath trail.

2 years later after 3500 miles of training on my homeland of Dartmoor, with 2 trips up to the trail in January 2023 and January 2024, I set off North one last time armed with my closest friends and family to attempt to run the trail in the fastest known time, "supported" style.

At 0830hrs on 10 May 2024 I kayaked over to the peninsula with my friend Jen, who left me there and towed my boat back to the mainland. On the peninsula I met up with Stuart who runs the bus service and got a ride up to the lighthouse. 

at 0952hrs on 10 May 2024 I tapped the lighthouse gate and sent it south on the CWT.

My family and friends supported me throughout the entire journey travelling South to Fort William, whether that was by food supply, running with me or encouraging me to keep digging deeper.

I chose to run the same route that Damian and Beth set out in 2018, as described in the Cicerone guide.

From the end of the trail at Camusnagual we took a boat ride to the slip way in Fort William.

At 2329hrs I crossed the finish line in Fort William. Total time 3 days, 13 hours, 39 minutes, 15 seconds.

I am forever indebted to every person that supported me and helped a dream become reality. You guys are the real legends.

Support Crew: Emily, Mum, Ross, Jen, Hilary, Sophie, Fraser, Longman and Alex.

Coach: Damian Hall