FKT: Tom Starodaj - Mattatuck Trail (CT) - 2020-04-25

Gender category
Route variation
Full trail (w/ road link), 45 miles
Finish date
Total time
9h 45m 46s
GPS track(s)

On Saturday April 25th, 2020, I set out from Peterson Park in Wolcott CT at 8:00AM, attempting to cover the entire Mattatuck trail. It was a cool morning, with temperatures starting in the mid 40s and climbing into the 60s during the day. The trail was wet and muddy in some of the early sections, as it had rained the day before. I made my way through the southern section of the trail, passing Buttermilk Falls, a Leatherman Cave (there would be a few on the trail) and the water crossing at Branch Brook under RT8, which was a refreshing dip halfway to my knees. Next up was Black Rock State Park, one of the more scenic areas on the trail. I refilled water at mile 18 from a stream, before heading into the White Memorial Area. I finished the South section of the trail in 5:16 and made my way down RT202 in Litchfield for 6 miles, towards the northern section. I ran out of water by the time i hit the north section, but was able to refill soon after. There were not many spots to refill the rest of the way. The northern section was a bit more technical than the southern, and slowed me down some. At mile 40 the trail became more runnable, and i made decent time before the final big climb up to Mohawk Mountain. I was depleted at that point, and the climb took alot out of me. I knew i was close to the finish once i reached the peak. I took some time to enjoy the view and then took off towards the finish. I reached the end of the trail, at its intersect with the Mohawk Trail, with a time of 09:45:46. I fueled with GU's, a jam sandwich, potato chips, M&M's, and water. Overall, it was a great day! I believe this trail can be run faster in the opposite direction (north to south) and would love to see someone take a stab at it.