FKT: Tom Wagner - 7 Summits Graz (Austria) - 2021-03-27

Route variation
Open Course
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6h 33m 48s
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This is my second attempt at linking the #7summitsGraz via an open course, starting at my home and finishing there; visiting all the 7 summits along the way; a week prior, an unexpected snow storm made the attempt rather slow (8:07hrs @ 20.03.2021) and this weekend had a nice spring feeling to it; almost too warm that early in the year. Startet out going up the largest climb up to the Schöckl (1450 m a.s.l.) and then continued on with the Plabutsch area (the 3 summits Plabutsch/Fürstenstand and the two at the Buchkogel (St. Johann und Paul & Kronprinz-Rudolf-Warte), then running into town to the Schlossberg and on to the Observatory Lichtbühel; the final summit was the Platte (Stephanienwarte) followed by a downhill back home. I was supported by my girl friend, handing we water and gels on 6 occasions along the way, this allowed me to run only with a belt and two handhelds. As I took an 1hr and 7min off my previous attempt (~1min/km faster), I assume this is an ok time and hope that this effort motivates others to give it a try; moreover, it motivates others to do the loop or the individual summits as a perfect way to get a better view / understanding of the town of Graz and its trail network.

Love my backyard / town of Graz and hope this helps others to appreciate it. Best, tom