Route: 7 Summits Graz (Austria)

Submitted by tomwagner on Mon, 03/29/2021 - 02:24am
64.3 km
Vertical Gain
2,351 m

The route should be seen as an open course, where the runner / hiker visits the 7 "summits" in and around Graz. This is an idea from the city of Graz (second largest town in Austria with an awesome backyard with loads of hills and a great trail network) to actually get people out the door and explore their own backyard. Obviously, this also makes up for a good open course as these summits can be linked nicely via a loop that includes a decent amount of trail time. 

The 7 summits are defined as the following (there is a sign-board that has been installed in each of the 7 locations to mark the "summit" and curently there is also a sort of a summit register there; picture 2 and 3 are examples of such a sign-board located at the Stephanienwarte lookout (Platte) and the Schöckl-summit area ("Alpengasthof" restaurant building)):

1) Schöckl, Alpengasthof (1450 m a.s.l.): sign-board on the SW side of the restaurant "Alpengasthof"

2) Plabutsch, Fürstenstand (763 m a.s.l.): sign-board in front of the building looking down towards Graz

3) Buchkogel, St. Johann und Paul (562 m a.s.l.): sign-board behind the little church with view towards Graz

4) Buchkogel, Kronprinz-Rudolf-Warte (657 m a.s.l.): sign-board in front of the lookout with view towards Graz

5) Schlossberg, Hackherlöwe (475 m a.s.l.): sign-board in front of the lion statue on the NW side of the summit plateau

6) Lustbühel, Satellitenstation (481 m a.s.l.): sign-board in front of the obsrvatory entrance

7) Platte, Stephanienwarte (650 m a.s.l.): sign-board just in front of the lookout

The summits can be linked in what ever way and start as well as end points may differ. The provided gpx file is based on a course that is close to ideal when starting in Andritz (where I live). There are potentially better / faster / more efficient ways to connect these "dots", so feel free to optimize it ;-)

Although this can be done as an FKT, it is definitely worth the time to visit these locations and bring some more time to actually appreciate the views.

best, tom

BTW: Graz as a town in itself is worth a visit and around the "Schloßberg" you may find a coffee shop or two to spend your time afterwards and replenish on calories

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