FKT: Tony Dalisio - Bigelow Range Traverse (ME) - 2016-07-19

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 9m 58s

I lowered the Bigelow Range traverse today (July 19, 2016) to 4:09.58. I traveled eastbound from the Bigelow Range trailhead on Curry Rd in Stratton (e.g. as the previous runners did); including trips out to the North Horn and Old Man's Scenic Lookout; finishing on East Flagstaff Rd on the AT. The garmin connect data link is below, as well as a link to my Instagram for pictures. My data / map looks a little funky, it seems the GPS wasn't recording distance / mapping such the first .75 miles, but the clock was running the whole time. This was a great challenge, and something I had been planning for a year. I made about five trips up there running different sections in preparation for such. I have been planning this attempt most of the summer, but I had to delay such after I hurt my knee falling while descending Cadillac Mtn in Acadia Nat. Park while I set the double traverse FKT there. I took about 4 weeks off, but I was able to work back with a solid 8 week block leading up to today. I got an amazing weather window with a notable reprieve from the heat; partly sunny and 55-70 degrees during the run. The clouds really gave great depth to the views of Flagstaff Lake. I got up at 5 am this morning and drove up from Waterville with my partner, she dropped me at the at the trailhead on Curry, and I took off about 7 am. A lot went well today on the run, but I think I could have moved quicker on my ascents up to the Horns, and West Peak / Avery Peaks. Some of such, at least for the latter could be attributed to getting caught up in the views. Thus, I think it is possible to go sub-4 hours here. Ultimately, I just love this range / area, and any chance or type of adventure up here is one I am so grateful for. I really compel those who haven't made the trip to explore it. My day trip suggestion would be to hit the Long Falls Dam rd, ascend Little Bigelow for shorter hike with great views, and then come back down to swim in Flagstaff from the Long Falls Dam trailhead parking area. The lake has a sandy bottom there, and amazing views of the Range's north side. And before you go, drive to the end of the road and play in the fast moving, cold ripples of the Big Eddy portion of the Dead River stream.

Photos that I took on the run

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