FKT: Tony Dalisio - Cadillac Doubleback, Acadia NP (ME) - 2016-04-17

Route variation
Cadillac Doubleback
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 48m 44s

I lowered the FKT yesterday to 1:48.44. I have run this twice now, and the timing of my run yesterday was the best time of the day / year to do such. My last run (see above post) was in the summer and in the mid-afternoon, and Acadia NP is very busy at that time of the year. During mid-April the park isn't officially open yet, and the locals aren't out yet in the early morning, thus, the trails were free of people and mostly clean save for a few patches of ice. The garmin connect link is:

Stava data link