FKT: Torey Brooks - Pawtuckaway State Park 3 Peaks (NH) - 2021-02-25

Route variation
out & back from park entrance
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 16m 11s
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Saw that this one went up (Thanks Mathew Lablanc!) and had to give it a go. Conditions were less than ideal (post freeze/thaw in February wasn't my best idea) but it's a great route nonetheless! It will be a whole lot better in the summer & fall, and I'm sure we'll see plenty of activity on it. 

I came up with this more direct route than the OP which cuts about a mile and a half and some elevation. Only a small section of bushwhacking required. If you are looking for time this is definitely a much faster way, but if you are just using the route for a joy run I would recommend going the OP's route through the boulder fields- much more scenic. 

There is A LOT of time to be found on this route. I'm sure with proper running conditions, fast legs, and this direct route someone could get this thing closer to 1:30. I'll most definitely be giving it another go once there is less snow and ice :)