FKT: Tori Orlowski, Amy Sturgill - Evolution Loop (CA) - 2021-08-12

Route variation
Evo Loop Via Lamarck Col (~37 miles)
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Total time
11h 39m 35s
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Started at 6 and made it up to the col while chatting and trying to hike fast. A little talus hopping and we made it over to the JMT where we could actually run a bit. Felt slow with lots of start-stops coming down from Muir but kept moving, and then a hot? start up toward Bishop Pass. Got lucky with clouds a handful of switchbacks in. Felt the earlier tough start on Lamarck in heavy legs on lots of steps up toward the pass. Then… a friendly face to boost moral (yay! Pete!) and we cruised down. Thought we’d make about 12 hours and almost hit it on the nose. Going to have to get more efficient with water snd snacks for the summer finale! Ended up at about 10k gain, but my watch was off so my Strava gives us extra credit, but I think about 10,000 feet is accurate.