FKT: Trevor Garner - San Jacinto Peak (CA) - 2013-12-14

Route Variation
Cactus to Clouds (C2C2C)
Finish Date
8h 19m 49s

Trevor Garner did the C2C2C on Dec. 14, 2013, in 8h19m49s, with an ascent time of 4h45m.


Garner's report:

Glad to finally see some activity here for the C2C2C! When I moved to Carlsbad in 2012 and first read about the route here on FKT, I couldn't understand why there hadn't been much posted other than ascents to the top of the tram. For what is likely the single largest trail ascent in the country, I thought for sure it would have generated more attention. So it's great to finally have a few new updates!

I ran the C2C2C yesterday, Saturday, December 14th.

8:19:49 car to car.


TH at museum---@8:33am
picnic tables---16:00
first rescue station---42:45
second rescue station @ 5,400ft---1:55
7,000ft elevetion/8 mile mark---2:30
Grubbs Notch @ 8,350ft/9.16 miles---3:00
Wellman's Divide @ 9,350ft/12.4 miles---4:00
Summit @ 10,834ft/14.4 miles---4:45
Wellman's Divide @ 9,350ft/16.4 miles---5:23
Grubb's Notch @ 8,350ft/19.7 miles---6:10
TH @ museum---8:19:49

Trail up to Grubbs Notch had very patchy snow above 7,000ft. Trail above the ranger station was almost 100% on well-traveled, packed snow with occasional ice which made for slow going. Clear and sunny conditions with a breezy east wind. Temps were around 60 degrees in Palm Springs, 40 degrees on the summit with a strong east wind.

I'll be coming back to do this route again next spring in under 8 hours after the snow is gone. I think it could definitely go under 7. It's only a matter of time...