FKT: Trevor Garner - San Jacinto Peak (CA) - 2013-12-14

Route variation
Cactus to Clouds (C2C2C)
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
8h 19m 49s

Trevor Garner did the C2C2C on Dec. 14, 2013, in 8h19m49s, with an ascent time of 4h45m.


Garner's report:

Glad to finally see some activity here for the C2C2C! When I moved to Carlsbad in 2012 and first read about the route here on FKT, I couldn't understand why there hadn't been much posted other than ascents to the top of the tram. For what is likely the single largest trail ascent in the country, I thought for sure it would have generated more attention. So it's great to finally have a few new updates!

I ran the C2C2C yesterday, Saturday, December 14th.

8:19:49 car to car.


TH at museum---@8:33am
picnic tables---16:00
first rescue station---42:45
second rescue station @ 5,400ft---1:55
7,000ft elevetion/8 mile mark---2:30
Grubbs Notch @ 8,350ft/9.16 miles---3:00
Wellman's Divide @ 9,350ft/12.4 miles---4:00
Summit @ 10,834ft/14.4 miles---4:45
Wellman's Divide @ 9,350ft/16.4 miles---5:23
Grubb's Notch @ 8,350ft/19.7 miles---6:10
TH @ museum---8:19:49

Trail up to Grubbs Notch had very patchy snow above 7,000ft. Trail above the ranger station was almost 100% on well-traveled, packed snow with occasional ice which made for slow going. Clear and sunny conditions with a breezy east wind. Temps were around 60 degrees in Palm Springs, 40 degrees on the summit with a strong east wind.

I'll be coming back to do this route again next spring in under 8 hours after the snow is gone. I think it could definitely go under 7. It's only a matter of time...