FKT: Trevor Wilson - North Shore Bike Path (IL) - 2021-12-17

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 14m 36s

I have done many parts of this trail but have never done the whole thing at one time.  The path is in perfect shape the entire way and is a great path system to get east and west and connect to many other trails that typically travel north and south.  The North Shore bike path has several points that cross some pretty busy roadways so expect to wait at road crossings.  It is a path that cross through towns the entire time and is probably best for a commuter type of traveler rather than someone looking to get out into nature and do some long miles.  I started at the west end of the trail and traveled to the east end before turning around for the out and back.  The east point of the path is not very clear on where the "end" should be considered because there is a sign for "end" clearly before the trail is complete but it is joining a few other trails.  I called my end point up a slight hill and to a junction where it was clear that multiple trails were converging and this one could be considered finished. Since this FKT didn't have an established time yet I took the opportunity to use this as a nice training run to get some miles in and not have to push the pace at all.  Many others can clearly do this out and back much faster than this and now you at least have a target to go after!