FKT: Trey Meadows - Bassett Creek Regional Trail (MN) - 2024-04-27

Route variation
out & back
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Finish date
Total time
1h 46m 42s
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Completed the out and back route starting and ending near the intersection of 36th and Zachary Lane. Ran east to west out and then west to east on the way back. Stopped for a few lights and dropped my phone but pretty smooth other than my knee randomly locked up going down the slight decline next to the HWY 100 retaining wall near Bassett Creek Park. Great route and I hope to attempt to improve my time. Had to slow a bit at the turnaround near Regent because the ponds were overflowing and a few Dads with their kids in strollers were feeding geese. Ran this as a work out with 8x 1k segments at goal marathon pace. Great rolling hills to really make it a fun route through some nice local parks and neighborhoods. May try starting on the east end and go west first, I think it's more up hill running east.