FKT: Trisha Ignatowski - Erie Canalway Trail (NY) - 2021-09-25

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7d 0h 26m 6s

I did the supported fkt going from Buffalo to Albany. I started Saturday the 18th at 7am and ended the following saturday at 7:26am. I followed the gpx file uploaded + the empire state trail/canal way signs. My Boyfriend crewed me out of a minivan and was fortunate enough to have friends join me for some miles as I made my way across the state. All the new signage was very helpful as you passed though syracuse and utica. There is still construction on the trail so I am sure in the next few years there will be more reroutes which will be cool. There is the new connected section through syracuse they made down eire blvd. I started each day around 6am and ended by 8:30pm totaling each day around 50+ miles which allowed me to get 5-6 hours of sleep each night which was very nice.  In classic up state fashion, it was sunny for a few days, cloudy, and got wrecked by a rainstorm for one day. I chose to split up the last day and do the last 10 miles early saturday morning because I really wanted to end in the daylight and enjoy the final views of the journey! I enjoyed reading all the history along the way and  being able to connect all the lock towns I grew up near was fascinating and truly a journey I will never forget! I ended up also making friends with some bike packers who started their journey the same day I did so it was really great to be able to see them every day and catch up on how their journeys were going. Stopping for ice cream in all the small towns was an essential part of my nutrition and my priority.