FKT: Tyler Andrews - Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) - 2023-03-13

Route variation
round trip (any route)
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 37m 57s

4h32 ascent / 6h37 RT

What a day, what a week, what a month. Less than 1 month since Aconcagua, 3 continents later, and 5 times on the summit of Kili in less than 1 week.

Full disclosure - this is a different UP trail than Karl and Kilian did, but it's the same descent and the RT is a longer distance and the same start/finish elevation from Mweka Gate. The Western Breach was closed due to an accident the first week of March after I did it in training, so this was the only option (also, there is a history of record attempts from the park entrance to summit and back on any route, so I stand by this one as the new "any route" FKT).

Complete clusterfuck with our awful guiding company who nearly cost us the opportunity to even attempt this record by making us leave the park two days early and having to re-enter which was a bureaucratic nightmare.

So grateful to Rachel and Conor for an amazing week on the mountain before this (despite all the ridiculousness with our logistics company) and especially to Rachel for seeing me off and welcoming me back early Monday morning. NB: This one was fully unsupported as Rachel was not allowed into the park. I carried everything I used from the start.

Two records on the Seven Summits in 23 days! Now it's time to recover.



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Bravo Tyler! 

Incredible year of "Seven Summits" you're having so far!