FKT: Tyler Andrews - Salkantay Inca Trail (Peru) - 2019-08-02

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Standard route
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Total time
6h 13m 2s

Starting at Soraypampa at 06:04am, following the main trail to the high pass at 4636m, down into Huairaspampa and then onto Chaullay. From there, the trail goes down to La Playa and onto Lucmabamba at 2000m before turning uphill and over the high pass at Llaqtapata (2830m) and then steeply down to the river, crossing the bridge and running to HidroElectrica Station and up onto the train tracks all the way to Puente Machu Picchu before running up the dirt road in Aguas Calientes to the main plaza and finishing tapping the "BIENVENIDOS A MACHU PICCHU" sign.

Trip report:

This was my trail debut and I had a blast!

Interview on NPR's Here & Now: