FKT: Tyler Green - Rogue River Trail (OR) - 2020-03-21

Route variation
One way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
5h 40m 30s

Grave Creek Trailhead to Foster Bar Trailhead
I've wanted to do this route for a long time! I was planning on heading down to California for a different FKT attempt, but discovered they'd called for a complete shelter-in-place in the state while on the way down. I made the decision to go for this route instead! It's an incredible stretch of river and trail with flowly, continuously undulating single track the whole way through. It's deceptively difficult because of all the short little punchy climbs. I believe 'death by a thousand cuts' describes it nicely. I think I was on track to run the route in about 5:10-5:15 but the final 10 miles had so much blowdown, I'd estimate about every 100 feet, and that start and stop rhythm didn't help my rhythm much, along with a pretty significant bonk! I can't complain. It's was a beautiful day in some beautiful Oregon country.

Rachel ran out from Foster Bar Trailhead and ran the final 3-4 miles in with me.


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Tyler, Super nice run.  Just need to point out that having Rachel run with you the final 3-4 miles would change this to a supported fkt.  The guidelines on this fkt website state "if a person is accompanied or paced for any distance, it automatically becomes a Supported trip (accompanied = paced = Supported).  It certainly doesn't take away from your time or accomplishment.