FKT: Tyler Hagen - Blue Heron Trail (MA) - 2020-10-22

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
58m 27s
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I ran the Blue Heron Loop on 10/22/20. The fallen leaves obscured rocks and roots in areas and made the technical sections somewhat difficult, but it was well worth it because Cutler Park is absolutely beautiful during this time of year. I had run the full route before, but I did a run-through before putting in a good effort to make sure that I didn't miss any turns. I'd recommend the same to anyone looking to go for a serious effort here because there are some somewhat difficult sections to navigate, especially if you're going full speed. I currently live In Boulder, CO where FKTs and trail running are more popular and while I was visiting my family this fall I figured it would be cool to officially establish an FKT in my hometown of Needham, MA. I set the initial mark at 58:27 on my last day in town. I hope this route catches on!