FKT: Tyler King - Wheeler Peak (NM) - 2019-10-06

Route Variation
Wheeler-Kachina Traverse
Finish Date
Time (duration)
5h 34m 45s

Started at main Taos parking lot (TH sign). Followed Bull of the Woods trail to Wheeler Peak Trail summitting Frazer Mountain, Mount Walter, Wheeler Peak, and Simpson Peak. Traversed to Kachina Peak following ridge crest whole way and summitted Points 12,728, 12,819, Lake Fork Peak, Point 12,535 along the way. Descended Cabin Shoot? and pieced together service roads back to Williams Lake TH. Ran down Twining Road back to start (TH sign).

Super windy most of way. Lots of fun scrambling between peaks, 2-little class 3 and 1 short possible 4 downclimb at headwall going to Kachina. This is avoidable I think choosing the gully on the west side of it. I stuck to ridge best as possible entire way. There was ways around some of the harder parts, but there's no fun in that!