Route: Wheeler Peak (NM)

New Mexico, US

Wheeler Peak (13,161') is the New Mexico high point.  There seem to be a couple of main routes:  Bull of the Woods and from the Williams Lake TH.  The Bull of the Woods route has a Strava segment (ascent only), which records the FKTs as far as we know.


Sean O'Roarke reported some early speed ascents:

"Leafing through Herbert Ungnade's classic Guide to the New Mexico Mountains (1965), I happened to find a short section on "Climbing Records":

Charles Floading made the Wheeler Peak climb by way of Bull of the Woods Mountain in 2 hrs., 11 min., 20 sec., while Dean Rickerson climbed by way of Williams Lake in 1 hr., 8 min. Dean Rickerson also holds the speed record for the climb of West Truchas from the boundary fence at the irrigation canal. His time in August, 1964, was 1 hr."


Dave Dunham reported doing a logical, 14 mile loop using these 2 routes:

Eric Morse and I completed the Williams Lake, Wheeler, Walter, Frazer, Bull of the woods, loop this weekend (08/29/15) in 4:15:12.

Splits below.

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What? Dist Time Climb
To Williams TH 2 0:25:13 769
To 67 1.6 0:31:38 935
To coll 2.1 0:51:08 1908
To Wheeler 0.3 0:06:06 110
On top 0 0:10:09 0
To coll 0.3 0:06:10 -110
To Walter 0.1 0:02:36 82
To La Cal 1.9 -1390
To Frazer 1.1 0:54:13 420
To Bull 1.4 0:24:34 -650/86
To car 3.3 0:43:25 -2161
Total 14.1 4:15:12