FKT: Vitaliy Musiyenko - Timpanogos High Route - 2023-08-18

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Standard route
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4h 50m 53s
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Saw this route and label of "best traverse in Wasatch," and decided to use it as a long run. I blew past the spot where the game trail diverges, to get on the bushwhack ridge, so pay attention to GPS to avoid doing that, if you are running this thing. This traverse is no WURL, but after you get through the bushwhack to start the ridge, the views open up, and they are lovely. There were nice mountain goats guarding one of the hills. After traversing the peaks, it took a bit to figure out where to go down the snow field, since it was steep near the top and fairly icy. Went around on the south side of the notch to avoid the upper snow patch. Remainder of the snow slope was more gradual. 

The way down was uneventful, aside from twisting the hell out of my ankle on the last mile.