FKT: Vitaliy Musiyenko - Tollhouse Traverse (CA) - 2021-01-21

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Total time
15m 40s

On the way back from climbing in Bozeman, Montana I was too pooped to stop by Yosemite, as I climbed hard for 5 days straight, so I decided to stop by Tollhouse and see how quick I can do the mega classic Tollhouse Traverse. It had a long standing fastest reported time of just over 20 minutes, by Dave Daly who used to do it 10 times a day on some of his cardio sessions. I sure wasn’t thinking I can go that fast without knowing the route well, but surprisingly after only one preview lap managed to do the route in 15 minutes and 40 seconds parking lot to parking lot. Knowing the route and the approach better, not being tired after climbing/flight home, little sleep, doing the route in a fasted (no food) state, and spraining an ankle on top of the route probably prevented me from giving the best performance but gotta be happy with shaving close to 5 minutes off the known fastest time!