Route: Tollhouse Traverse (CA)

Submitted by Vitaliy Musiyenko on Fri, 01/22/2021 - 01:06pm
California, US
1 mi
Vertical Gain
600 ft

Tollhouse Rock is a 600' granite dome located about an hour northeast of Fresno, at 4000' in the foothills between Fresno and Shaver Lake. A stellar winter weekend destination (or day trip for us locals), it has some of everything -- sport routes, multipitch trad and runout face, and a little bouldering. The views of the Sierra and the valleys unfolding below the dome are fabulous, and definitely make a belay on top of another stellar pitch all the more enjoyable.

Tollhouse Traverse has been dubbed as the 'best 5.5 in the country,' and that label is certainly not far from truth. The rock is perfect, cracks are splitter and the crux is exposed! This route is an epicenter of the annual Tollhouse Faceoff (climbing festival) which attracts many to camp on top of the formation, climb, share stories and raise funds to replace bolts in the area. During the faceoff, the Tollhouse Traverse becomes highly popular for climbers wearing costumes, following the lead climber wearing rollerblades, skis, hauling up bicycles and doing all kinds of silly stunts. Some try to get the fast parking lot to parking lot time but for many years the fastest reported time has stayed at just over 20 minutes.

Vitaliy Musiyenko made a short video of his new (15m40s) FKT:



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Excellent! stoked to see more of these classic (and highly rated), as Buzz Burrell would say, "Run + Hard Scramble" routes going up in car-to-car style.  Excited that it you blazing it out there V, as I said in my DM to you definitely give these a look

Right On in Jtree
Rainbow Mountain, Romanian Rib, and Mescalito in Red Rocks 
Cosmic Wall in Castle Crags, NorCal
Super Slab and Round River in Smith Rock, Oregon

With stoke,
Jason Hardrath