FKT: Volker Buschka, Sigi Iro, David Sweeney, Daniel Sigmund, Sandra Peppel - Historischer Rundwanderweg Leistadt (Germany) - 2023-09-10

Route variation
1 Lap
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 24m 14s

We ran 2 loops. First loop was as a mixed team with 5 runners. Second loop was a group of 4.  

Weather: sunny and warm, up to 30 degrees

Trail: dry and all trails are safe and flowy  

Fun factor: We hat an interesting battle with e-mountain biker on one of the uphills. He was fighting hard, but due to some trees on the road he had a real hard time to be faster than our group.  

Best part: the final alcohol-free beers at the trailhead after 3 hours in the heat.