Athlete: Volker Buschka



Fastest Known Times the athlete has set; possibly historical. Check out each route to see its current FKT.

Route Route Variation Style Time Date
Pfaelzer Weinsteig (Germany) Etappe 05 Unsupported 2h 36m 31s
Pfaelzer Weinsteig (Germany) Etappe 03 Unsupported 1h 51m 3s
Pfaelzer Weinsteig (Germany) Etappe 04 Unsupported 2h 51m 58s
Muffel Glashütten mit WaldGlasWeg (Germany) 1 Loop Unsupported 25m 5s
Heilklimapfad TW3 Tillmannsweg (Germany) 1 Loop Unsupported 54m 5s
Muffel Glashütten mit WaldGlasWeg (Germany) 2 Loops Unsupported 54m 39s
Heilklimapfad TW3 Tillmannsweg (Germany) 2 Loops Unsupported 1h 48m 9s
Taunuslehrpfad (Germany) Standard route Unsupported 59m 52s
Traufgang Hossinger Leiter (Germany) Standard route Unsupported 1h 1m 32s
Traufgang Wacholderhöhe (Germany) Standard route Unsupported 55m 31s
Traufgang Ochsenbergtour (Germany) Standard route Unsupported 1h 4m 14s
Westweg, Westvariante (Germany) Etappe 02 Unsupported 2h 57m 53s
Westweg, Westvariante (Germany) Etappe 03 Unsupported 3h 5m 39s
Muffel Glashütten mit WaldGlasWeg (Germany) 1 Loop Unsupported 32m 50s
Keltenrundwanderweg (Germany) 2 Loops Unsupported 48m 35s
Keltenrundwanderweg (Germany) 1 Loop Unsupported 22m 13s
Muffel Glashütten mit WaldGlasWeg (Germany) 2 Loops Unsupported 1h 6m 54s
Dossenwald 10 km (Germany) Double Loop (20km) Self-supported 1h 56m 6s
Westweg, Westvariante (Germany) Etappe 01 Unsupported 2h 58m 56s
Hasenpatt (Germany) Standard: point to point Unsupported 1h 14m 34s
Hasenpatt (Germany) Out and back Unsupported 2h 30m 47s
Treidlerweg (Germany) Double Loop Unsupported 1h 56m 29s
Annweiler Richard-Löwenherz-Weg (Germany) double loop Unsupported 3h 8m 0s
Annweiler Richard-Löwenherz-Weg (Germany) Standard route Unsupported 1h 33m 13s
Annweiler Richard-Löwenherz-Weg (Germany) Standard route Supported 2h 26m 42s
Treidlerweg (Germany) loop Unsupported 54m 2s
Treidlerweg (Germany) loop Supported 1h 31m 7s
Treidlerweg (Germany) Double Loop Unsupported 2h 10m 52s
Treidlerweg (Germany) loop Unsupported 1h 2m 29s
Rund um Eningen (Germany) 1 loop Supported 2h 46m 57s
Rund um Eningen (Germany) 2 loops Unsupported 3h 22m 52s
Rund um Eningen (Germany) 1 loop Unsupported 1h 38m 52s
Haßlinghauser Rundwanderweg (Germany) Standard loop Supported 2h 0m 19s
Around Karlsruhe (Germany) Standard loop Unsupported 2h 52m 12s
Jakobsweg: Ettlingen - Baden-Baden (Germany) point-to-point Unsupported 3h 30m 27s
Westweg, Westvariante (Germany) Etappe 01 Supported 4h 58m 25s