FKT: Warren Hollinger - Mauna Kea (HI) - 2019-04-25

Route variation
ascent from Anaeho’omalu Bay
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
17h 29m 29s

This is one of the harder ways to run up Mauna Kea. Though there is a road the whole way to 1/8 mile from the top, your greatest hurdle besides the distance and elevation will be the wind. The prevailing winds come from Hilo through the saddle and blow right down into Waikoloa (We jokingly refer to the area as Waiko-BLOW-a). So you will face a headwind from 5-35 mph for 41 miles until you reach the Mauna Kea Access Road. The run is 55.6 miles long. The Elevation Gain is 14,108 feet. Elevation Loss is 601 feet. As far as I am aware no one has ever run from the sea to the summit from this side of the Island. I've written both a trip report regarding the run as well as a Fact Sheet for anyone else who would like to do it. I've included these on my website

Trip report: