FKT: Wes Plate - Mount Pilchuck Sea-to-Summit (WA) - 2020-07-25

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9h 29m 3s
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I had been planning this for a while. Could I run from Puget Sound to the top of Mount Pilchuck? Could I do it and stay off the Mountain Loop Highway? I studied maps, ran questionable parts of the course for recon, then we set a date and did it! It was challenging but it was fun!

My girlfriend and daughter served as my crew and we arranged six "Aid Stations" along the way. At mile 18, after all the road running was done, my buddy Tony Johns joined me to run trails and logging roads toward the summit trailhead. We had water and nutrition in the crew vehicle to refill me at each stop.

I look forward to others doing this, and doing it faster. The climb up the road to the summit trailhead was long and my legs were cramping so we mostly hiked it. The trail to the lookout and down wasn't terrible, Strava said the ascent was my third fastest and the descent my second fastest. But I had never climbed that trail already having run close to 35 miles.

I'm working on a video, when it is published I'll update this entry with a link.