FKT: Whitney Pearson - Pemidential (NH) - 2022-06-22

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1d 13h 24m 0s
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Well, after being awake for 44 hours- 37 hours and 24 minutes of it hiking a route that combines the Presidential Traverse and Pemigewasset Loop of the White Mountains in 81.89 miles with 26.5k feet of elevation gain I'm happy to say I completed the first womens recorded Pemidential Route. 

2 blocks of cream cheese were consumed, 1 Gatorade bottle of maple syrup, 3 5 hour energies, 2 PB&J, 2 cans of beef and vegetable soup, and plenty of protein bars. No fried chicken this time it wouldn’t fit in my pack.

A little sunburnt, wind burnt, chafed, but no blisters or soreness! But definitely got bronchitis. I carried a 3 lb bladder and there were enough hut water sources I did not have to filter at all. 

Thankful for my people who make this all possible in the first place, and for the endless support from the White Mountains community. 

Kudos to Matt Robertson for creating this legendary route. Out of respect for his hard work and planning I stuck to completing the route he designed to combine the Pemi loop and presidential traverse, however I do believe there are some adjustments that could be made to speed it up. I believe that if one were to take Base Station rd off of Jefferson notch and continue to a road run to Zealand rd and go up Zealand directly from the trailhead to the pemi loop it would be faster. After completion of the Pemi loop you could do the same thing exiting from Zealand trailhead to Zealand rd and road run back to the AMC highland center. This would add approximately 11 total miles to the trip but it would reduce 4k feet of elevation gain in the trails. I certainly think doing this on the way back from the pemi it would be worth it as it is mostly downhill. This is such an interesting route that could be played around with and have many different approaches on where to start. I think as long as you START and FINISH in the same spot combining the Presidential travers and Pemi loop that it should count as a Pemidential.