Route: Pemidential (NH)

Submitted by Matt Robertson on Mon, 07/12/2021 - 11:57am
New Hampshire, US
81 mi
Vertical Gain
26,500 ft

The two mega classic New Hampshire runs combined into a giant figure 8; starting, intersecting, and stopping at the AMC Highland Center train tracks. Combining the Presidential Traverse and Pemi Loop into a continuous push of all day mountain fun.

The route allows for a re-supply, if needed, to be left in the car at Crawford Notch, which is just less or just over the halfway point.

GPS Track


Great job Whitney and thanks for the compliment!

I totally agree that there are a bunch of ways to connect the two primary objectives (Presi & Pemi) and the only "rules" I had in mind, were following the FKT guidelines established for the individual objectives as laid out on those FKT pages. I had mapped so many variations of the Pemidential, with my top options including the one you suggested and another incorporating Ethan Pond Trail. I ended up doing my posted route since it kept to the trails the most and minimized roads, but that was just a preference on my go. My goal was making sure I could finish, given I knew of a few failed attempts by folks after I posted the route but before my attempt, but there is definitely lots of options for someone looking to set a real speed record. I would love to see what kind of ideas someone pulls together to go fast!