FKT: Will Brewster, Kevin Boyle - Skokie Valley Trail (Lake County, IL) - 2022-08-27

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 3m 58s

Another FKT claimed for the Grayslake Distance Project! Ran alongside my longtime friend, Kevin Boyle. We started at the north terminus, at the intersection of the North Shore Bike Path and the Skokie Valley Trail, next to Rockland Rd. We turned around at the south terminus, at the sign that says "End." We finished at the north terminus.

We took nothing with us, making this an unsupported effort. 

As the strava splits reveal, from north to south, we were cruising, but I hit a huge wall on the way back. All the credit goes to Kevin Boyle, who kept me going through the dark spots. We worked together and broke both the one way and out & back records. 

Great day to be a member of the Grayslake Distance Project!  

-submitted by Will Brewster